‘Offical Chukgyagiri’ Is A Must Watch For Anyone Who Wants To Kick Some Ass In Office

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6:46 pm 5 Oct, 2016

When the happy-go-lucky and carefree college days are over, the supreme mission is to find a decent job or an internship to soothe our parents’ worrying souls. The talented lot (rather the fortunate ones) get campus placements; some find solace in their dad’s business and others, who are deprived of both these blessings, struggle to find employment.

An unemployed guy is not left with much choices. He keeps updating his resume on job portals, sends countless emails to his dream company and selfishly makes a debut call to his faraway relatives to ask, ‘Koi approach hai aapki?’. And if his stars are right, one of these ways bestows an internship offer on him which he considers as a godsend opportunity. But the struggle doesn’t stop here; it’s just an onset of a torture.

Our initial days of our first internship can be daunting and distressing because obviously, we are unprepared for this nasty real world.

Keeping this singular problem in mind, Arré, a YouTube channel, has come up with a web-series ‘Official Chukgyagiri‘. This web-series conveys that it is easy to get tangled in office politics but in the end it’s our small and mindful decisions that determine our growth.

The story revolves around an amateur yet brainy guy, Spandan Chukgya, who starts his internship with a digital company in Mumbai. From serving tea, taking care of boss’ dog to becoming a full-time driver, he is ordered to do everything but work. Surprisingly, he does all of this with a smile.


As we finished watching its first three episodes, we learned some vital corporate lessons from it:

1. Kaam koi chota ya bada nahi hota. 

An intern is just an uninvited guest for a period of three months, more or less. And initially, there is no significant work for him. Well, scads of degrees may be adorning his interview file but it’s how he manages the trivial things that determines the duration of his internship.

In the first episode, Spandan’s first assignment is to make tea for the employees. Sounds weird, right? But, he takes up this work gracefully and does it with sheer sincerity.

Also, a cup of good tea makes everything better.


Watch the first episode here. 

2. Office mein respect free mein nahi milti, respect kamani padti hai.

Accept that some office seniors are pain in the ass.They mock you to the extent that you feel like murdering them. Well, killing them is not a sane solution but beating them in their own game is. Take up their challenges as a chance to prove them wrong. Success is the best revenge!

During the second episode, things heat up when Spandan challenges his dickhead boss (Ganesh) for a dart match to be a part of the think-tank team. Spandan purposely loses the match after levelling up the score with him because he saw his respect in Ganesh’s eyes. And, that was enough for him.


Watch the second episode here. 

3. Sometimes, you need to be practical, not emotional while taking your decisions.

When you are in a company, each day counts. Your personal and professional lives should walk on separate roads. If your office decisions are backed by your personal emotions then it is more likely to hinder your growth. One needs to be practical, calculating, and learn when to prioritise family and when not.

Spandan, too, gets tangled in a pressing situation where he has to choose between his family and his work. He chooses the latter because, at the moment, it mattered more.



Watch the third episode here. 

The third episode also hints that things will get messier in the next episode. For every office goer, this series is must watch because every successful employee was once a chukgya.

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