10 Illustrations That Tell The Truths About Modern Culture In The Most Offensive Way

Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 7:32 pm

Much of the things in the modern world can unarguably be compared to pornography. It is exactly this parallel Spanish artist Luis Quiles has drawn through his illustrations. You might find some of them offensive if you look at their most peripheral contours, but if try to understand the message being conveyed, you’ll have your mind blown. How you see them is up to you.

1. Like the way when children are ‘influenced’ to eat junk food.



2. The dependence on pharmaceuticals.



3. The censorship of ideas.



4. Like when people are made to believe that religion makes them stay alive.

This work is a critic about religious establishment who use religion all around they find misery to get more believers. This people don’t need a holy book, don’t need a fake God, don’t need a fake hope. This people need a real hope, a real education, they need schools, FOOD, medicines, preservatives…They need a real future, not a fake truth.



5. Sexualizing all females.

He wrote that this illustration is a take on the famous meme, which obviously demeans women.



6. A generation obsessed with licking everything the social media has to offer.



7. Wars that decapitate children.


8. The real image of an athlete.



9. The hold money has over everyone.



10. The world and its treatment of homosexuals.

The inspiration for this illustration was a famous execution photograph.



Quiles has presented truths in very graphic, and may we say, disturbing ways. But truths are truths.