17 Weird And Unusual Competitions From Around The World

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8:00 pm 15 Sep, 2015


Humans have always loved to participate in something unusual and wacky, and get pretty good at it. Well, we are sure you never tried your hand at these oddest competitions around the world that gained popularity just because of their weird nature.

1. Wife Carrying Championships

This is a competition that originated in Finland where a man needs to run for 253.5 m carrying his wife on his back. The winner gets a mobile phone and a beer which would weight the same as his wife.

2. Air Guitar Championship

Real instruments are banned in this competition and the competitors pretend to play the guitar solos on rock or heavy metal styles.

3. World Series of Poker Championship


Child memories of playing ‘rock, paper, scissors’ can take a serious note if you participate in the World Series of Poker Championship since 2005, sponsored by Budweiser.

4. Mobile Phone Throwing Championships

Since 2000, Mobile Phone Throwing Championship is a competition held in Savonlinna where the competitors throw their old or broken phones hoping to win a new one in return.

5. Air Sex Championships

It’s a competition where a competitor is given two minutes to act sexually with at least one imaginary person. The winner is judged according to his foreplay, sexual energy and intercourse.

6. World Sauna Championship

It takes place every August in Finland; competitors from twenty countries come to participate. The challenge is to sit erect in a 110 degree celsius sauna, where half liter of water is added after every thirty seconds.

7. World Beard and Moustache Championships

It is arranged every year in Europe and in the US since 1990. Competitors show off their longest or fanciest mustaches with over fifteen different categories to fit in.

8. Bed Racing

It’s an open competition for people of the north Yorkshire town of Knaresborough. The competitors need to have their own bed which runs on four wheels and is able to float as well. The competitors have to  climb to the top and also cross a river.

9. World Body Painting

It’s a competition calling all the designers and painters to show their talent through body painting. It is often held in Poertschach Am Woerthersee, Austria.

10. Baby Jumping Competition

This competition, often known as El Colacho in Spain, sees men dressed up like devils, in yellow jumpsuits, jump over a row of babies without hurting them.

11. World’s Ugliest Dog Competition

It is held every year in California to decide who has the ugliest dog. The winner’s owner is awarded with US $1000.

12. World Worm Charming Championships

It’s among the most odd games and is played for about thirty minutes. The charmers come together in a muddy place to collect as many worms as possible within thirty minutes. Tom Shufflebotham is listed in the Guinness World Records for having collected the most, 511 worms, in thirty minutes.

13. Toe Wrestling Championship

This competition is such that players must link toes and each player’s foot must lay flat against the other person’s foot. The opponents proceed to attempt to capture or trap the other’s foot while avoiding the same.

14. Baby Crying Competition

It’s an ancient game from Tokyo where sumo wrestlers try to make their assigned babies cry out as much as possible.

15. Gurning World Championships

Gurning World Championship is held every year in England, where the person making the ugliest face is awarded.

16. International Cherry Pit Spitting Championship

Michigan is famous for holding this spitting competition for the last 41 years. The person spitting the longest distance is rewarded, where the record distance is 93.5 feet!

17. Cockroach Racing Competition

It is held at the Story Bridge Hotel on Australia Day, where contestants bring their own cockroaches which are released to the center of the tarp. The cockroach that reaches the edge first is the winner.



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