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21 Odd And Unusual Mental Disorders That You Probably Never Heard Of

Updated on 10 September, 2019 at 6:07 pm By

1. Diogenes Syndrome

This condition mainly affects those elderly people who live alone. This behavioral disorder makes people stop taking care of themselves and turns them reclusive. They also start hoarding things, which might include animals.



2. Jumping Frenchmen of Maine

Patients suffering from this condition get very shocked by unexpected noises or scenes. They can flail their arms, repeat words or cry out. It was first identified in Maine lumberjacks but is not limited to that area or profession alone.


3. Celebriphilia

This is a rather usual mental condition. Patients tend to have an overwhelming desire to form romantic attachments or have sexual relationships with a celebrity, with whom they become obsessed.


4. Cotard’s Syndrome

This terrible mental condition leads patients to think that they are dead, non-existent, decaying or have lost their internal organs. In some rare cases, patients can end up thinking that they are immortal.



5. Stendhal Syndrome

This psychosomatic illness causes sufferers to feel dizzy, confused or even start to hallucinate when they’re exposed to many beautiful works of art in a short span of time. Even beautiful cities can have the same effect on them.


6. Lima Syndrome

Most people know that the Stockholm Syndrome is when hostages become attached to the kidnappers (or victims are faithful to abusers), but the Lima Syndrome is when the kidnapper starts to have feelings for the hostage.


7. Hybristophilia

People with this condition become sexually aroused by violence; they are also very attracted to those criminals who have a history of violent crimes, dangerous lifestyles, and reckless behavior.


8. Alien Hand Syndrome

This neurological disorder has patients believing that their hand (or hands) has developed a mind of its own. They believe that they have lost control over their own limb and can’t perform everyday acts, like buttoning their shirts.


9. Apotemnophilia

This condition is also known as Body Integrity Identity Disorder or Amputee Identity Disorder. This affliction makes people wish to amputate healthy body parts. So strong is the desire that patients try to amputate themselves if no doctor agrees to do so.


10. Acrotomophilia

This is a mental condition that makes patients want to get into relationships with or have sex with people who are missing limbs. In the amputee community, these people are called ‘devotees’.




11. Triskaidekaphobia

This hard-to-pronounce mental disorder is a pretty common one. It causes sufferers to be scared of the number thirteen. Fear of Friday the 13 is called paraskavedekatriaphobia or friggatriskaidekaphobia.


12. Foreign Accent Syndrome

Unlike the foreign accent speakers we run into who have an accent without any cause for it, patients of this syndrome start speaking their native language with a foreign accent after they receive a head injury or suffer from trauma or stroke.


13. Trichotillomania

Patients of this disorder often end up having patches of baldness on their heads as they have a tendency to keep pulling out their hair by the roots. They can even pull out their eyelashes, beard hair, pubic hair, nose hair, etc.




14. Bibliomania

While reading and collecting books has always been considered a rather intellectual pastime, people who suffer from Bibliomania take collecting books to the point where it starts to affect their lives and their relationships.


15. Capgras Delusion

This rarely-occurring disorder makes patients believe that a person (usually a close relative or a spouse) is not him/herself. They believe that the person has been replaced by an identical imposter, but can easily recognize other people they know.


16. Fregoli Delusion

This is the exact opposite of the Capgras Delusion. In this condition, sufferers end up believing that different people are in fact just one person who keeps changing their appearance or wearing different disguises.


17. Alice In Wonderland Syndrome

Also called Micropsia, AIWS distorts patients’ sense of time, space and even body. They may feel that they themselves have altered shape or size or that other people have become tiny or huge. Even inanimate objects can change size.


18. Androphobia

This affliction makes patients have a persistent and abnormal fear of men. Even if the patient knows they face no threat, they still experience terror when in the presence of men. There is usually a traumatic event at its root.


19. Exploding Head Syndrome

Patients suffering from this mental disorder feel that their head is exploding due to a very loud noise that originated from inside their own heads. The noise is likened to a loud roar that fills up the inside of one’s head.


20. Bigorexia

While anorexia gets a lot of attention, bigorexia is its exact opposite. Sufferers feel that they are not muscular enough. They take gym very seriously and never miss a session; they keep checking their bodies in a mirror and can take steroids.


21. Munchausen Syndrome

This disorder causes patients to either pretend to be seriously ill or actually make themselves sick in order to get others’ sympathy or attention. In Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, parents make their children ill, sometimes to the point of death.







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