At Their Last State Dinner, Barrack Obama Watches Michelle Just Like All Girls Would Like To Be Seen

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5:07 pm 20 Oct, 2016

World’s favorite Presidential couple had their last state dinner with the Italian prime minister and his wife yesterday. While the dinner didn’t have much to read into, Obama’s grin and drowning eyes checking out his wife gave us yet another moment of ‘goals’.

That grin on Michelle’s face as Obama checks her out in her rose gold Versace outfit.



That look on his face almost singing ”I’m so in loooveeeee”


Did Mr. Obama say something high-school cheesy? Teeeheehehe…that blush!


”Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a toast to the gorgeousness that my wife has been to all these state dinners!”


The president indeed saved the best for the last.

Ahem, Mr. Italian PM, back off. The lady is already taken!

That toothy grin doe.



Love grows, grows – never dies. And even if it’s just a public gesture, ah! we don’t wanna know what goes behind the closed doors – as long as they are restoring our faith in love and marriages.

You two, long live your love!



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