Chilling Video Shows Nurses Abusing 89-Year-Old Wheelchair-Bound Patient

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3:45 pm 8 Mar, 2018


Old age is a time which can make even the healthiest of people become helpless physically as well as emotionally. In some cases, these elderly suffer from such ailments that taking care of them at home can be a difficult task. Whether they suffer from such diseases or not, during old age, elderly require support and services of someone who can take care of them affectionately.


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However, when one cannot take care of them in home, they admit them to nursing home for better care. But if the elderly gets a bad treatment there then it will be a huge shock for the children.



A similar case has come to light from Michigan, U.S.A. 89-year-old Hussein Younes was admitted to a nursing home named Autumnwood in May 2015 when he was recovering from a surgery. The wheelchair bound Younes complained to his children that he was being abused.



Upon contacting the nursing home, Hussein’s family was told that their claims were false. Meanwhile, the elderly consistently complained about the bad treatment being given to him by the nurses. When Hussein’s children started noticing bruises and cuts on his head, they placed a secret camera in his room.




The hidden camera recorded more than 100 video clips of nurses screaming at Younes, hitting him and throwing him on his wheelchair and bed. The old man was even hurled upon ethnic slurs supposedly because he is an Arab-American. Upon seeing the footage, the family was left shocked. Hussein was removed from the facility in December 2015 and admitted to a local hospital and then to another nursing home.


Left- Younes’s son Salim Younes with ( Right ) – their attorney. Fox32/Dailymail


Hussein’s son Salim and his five siblings filed a lawsuit against Autumnwood of Livonia alleging that their 89-year-old father Hussein Younes was grossly mistreated during his brief stay at the nursing home. Meanwhile, Autumnwood claimed that the nurses in the video were fired. A statement from the facility read:

“When Autumnwood received this new information and video, another internal investigation was immediately launched, and the new information provided by the Younes’ attorney, five months after the alleged incident, was turned over by Autumnwood to the state agency and law enforcement.”

Now Salim and other children of Hussein decided to come out with their ordeal in the media to tell everyone about what Automnwood did to them. See a few snippets of the footage recorded by Hussein family in the video below:


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