Forget Nude Beaches, This Is India’s First ‘Nude Selfie’ Zone?

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2:20 pm 16 Nov, 2018


The newly opened Signature Bridge in Delhi has become a popular hangout spot for selfies, with many perching precariously atop the structure. During its inauguration, Delhi’s tourism minister Manish Sisodia compared the bridge across Yamuna, connecting North Delhi to Wazirabad, to Eiffel Tower in Paris. The thrill to take hands-free selfies has been too hard to resist for many as they were seen climbing up the bridge’s suspension cables. There is no doubt that the 2,214-foot long bridge, which was opened after a delay of eight years, is attracting a lot of visitors daily to see the engineering marvel.

Recently, a video of group of youngsters went viral in which they were seen dancing nude and taking selfies at the bridge.




The video shows the people taking their clothes off, while the passerby watch them. The exact date of the incident is yet to be identified.


People taking nude selfies



Watch the video here:


Various users on Twitter took to the platform and expressed their disgust over the alleged incident.

Here’s how some Twitter comments went like:





As per a media report, Delhi Police have registered a case of obscenity at public place against them.

While taking a first look at the video, nothing much could be said about the identity of the people. But Deputy Commissioner of Police A.K. Thakur confirmed that they have arrested four transgenders in this regard.



Meanwhile, as a preventive measure to inform people about taking selfies as such precarious spots, the police have asked the concerned authorities to put up informative boards cautioning people against clicking selfies in a dangerous manner. Meanwhile, traffic police are issuing challans against such violations.


Though selfie may be the ultimate thing on social media, the quest for a dramatic photo can also endanger the lives of people taking them.