Nude Jain Monk Address Haryana Assembly; Talks About Purification Of Politics

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 4:06 pm

In one of its kind event, nude Jain monk and religious leader Tarun Sagar delivered his ‘Kadve Vachan’ in Haryana assembly.

He was invited to speak by education minister Ram Bilas Sharma. He was seated on a dais, above the seats of the governor, chief minister and MLAs.

Opening his speech by lauding Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said:

“Don’t term it as saffronisation but as purification of politics. When religion enters politics, it brings purity. While it becomes a disaster when politics enters religion.”


Monk Tarun Sagar

Monk Tarun Sagar

Alluding to Haryana’s poor sex ratio, the monk said he had come up with a solution to female foeticide that would tackle the ‘big problem’ at the social, political and religious levels.

“At the political level, the government should decide that those who do not have daughters should not have the right to contest Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections. At the level of society, people should not marry their daughters into families that do not have daughters. At the religious level, saints should decide that they will not accept alms from houses where there are no daughters,” he said, as reported by the Indian Express.

He also lambasted Pakistan for creating troubles for India.

HT reported that he said one who wrongs unintentionally is “agyaan” (ignorant), one who does something wrong unintentionally a second time is “nadaan” (silly), one who does it more than twice is a “shaitaan” (devil) and one who keeps doing is “Pakistan”. To another round of applause, he said one who keeps forgiving is “Hindustan”.

Everyone, including the opposition, seemed to enjoy his presence.




The opposition Congress legislature party leader Kiran Choudhry and Indian National Lok Dal MLA Zakir Hussain were among those who greeted the monk on behalf of their MLAs.