An NRI Girl Was Abused Online Just Because She Said That All Muslims Are Not Terrorists

Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 5:04 pm

Any discussion on social media, whatever be the subject, often carries with it a probability of steering away from an esoteric exchange of arguments and veering onto the murky path of online abuse.

There appears to be a significant rise in the number of people who resort to uncharacteristic manners on social media even to the point of harassment.

An NRI girl faced a harrowing ordeal on social media site Facebook when she posted a message saying that all Muslims are not terrorists.

Immediately after she made this innocuous, and obviously truthful, remark, she was bombarded with vile and slanderous comments that not only falsely bracketed her as a Pakistani but also raised fingers on her character.

Unfortunately, such shameful comments on her were made by those whom she referred to as her “Indian brothers”. Surprisingly, it happened on the eve of Raksha Bandhan.

She wrote to us telling us about her ordeal and sharing the message that sparked the vitriol:




As you can see, the comment was very thoughtful.

And this was the reaction:


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In fact she received far more insulting comments than those we posted above.

This makes us wonder: Are we so ignorant that we take offence to anything without even bothering to understand it?




Clearly, those who made such deplorable comments on the NRI girl were not only unrefined but also unfit to live in India’s civilised and secular society.

She, however, remained firm in her belief.


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We stand with her, too!

But what are your thoughts on this? Do you think we Indians are increasingly becoming an intolerant, and ignorant, lot? Do let us know in comments.