Now Book An Air Ticket At Heavy Discount If Your Railway Ticket Remains Unconfirmed

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6:34 pm 14 May, 2015


You read about how you can transfer your confirmed Indian Railways ticket to a close relation. But what if the chart has been prepared and your ticket is not yet confirmed?

Indian Railways has a plan for you and it will make you fly, literally.


If you are in the list of waiting passengers, you’ll be given discounted air tickets of GoAir and SpiceJet.



But there are a few conditions:




1. Only those with a waiting-list train ticket can avail of this facility.

2. The ticket must have been purchased at least three days before date of journey.

3. The ticket must have been booked through IRCTC website (i.e. e-ticket).


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And the process is:

1. Once the railway chart is prepared, IRCTC will mail every waiting-list passenger offering them the air travel facility.

2. Those availing of this facility will get a 30 to 40 per cent discount on fares.

3. This cost of air ticket has to be borne by the holder of the waiting-list passenger and it cannot be adjusted against the refund of the railway fare at the time of booking of air ticket. The railway ticket refund will be made at a later date.

4. If a plane ticket is cancelled at the last minute, the cost of the same will earn a loss to the ticket holder.


This is indeed a good move by the Indian Railways.



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