Lord Hanuman Served Notice For Illegal Road Encroachment In Madhya Pradesh

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2:54 pm 8 Jun, 2015

Have you ever wondered if God can get an eviction notice from public authorities? Yes, He can, at least in India.

To ensure the removal of an encroachment upon a road by a Hanuman temple in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhind district, authorities here have issued a notice to the temple’s main deity — Lord Hanuman, reports New Indian Express.

The temple is situated in the district’s Bajariya locality and a portion of it is deemed to be encroaching upon the public thoroughfare.


Eviction Notice

The temple with the deity which was served the notice. Navbharat Times

Pursuant to a directive of Gwalior High Court to remove the encroachment, the municipal authorities on Friday issued notice addressing Lord Hanuman instead of the temple’s priest or the trust.

 The notice to Lord Hanuman reads:

“You have illegally encroached the road which causes public inconvenience, leading to a possibility of an accident. Despite earlier directive to remove the encroachment, you have not complied. You were given the Gwalior High Court’s order. But you didn’t comply. A contempt of court case has been initiated against you.” 


With the notice drawing wide public attention and adverse comments, the top municipal officials later said the notice was mistakenly issued and would be recalled.

But it was already too late, for Twitter had found in this one-of-a-kind incident something to talk about.




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