Nothing Wrong In Chanting ‘Om’; Opposition To Yoga Totally Wrong, Says Wife Of Hamid Ansari

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4:18 pm 23 May, 2016


Amid row over chanting of ‘OM’ before yoga session on International Yoga Day, Salma Ansari, wife of Vice President Mohammad Hamid Ansari, has said that there is nothing wrong in saying ‘OM’ because body is nourished by an extra supply of oxygen.


When asked about the controversy related to a UGC’s proposal asking all participants to start the Yoga Day session on June 21 by chanting of ‘OM’, she said, ”Opposition to Yoga is totally wrong. Schools should also organise yoga sessions.”


PM Modi during a mass Yoga event at Rajpath to commemorate the International Yoga Day, on June 21, 2015 soulsteer

Her views come in the wake of the Opposition accusing the Centre to pushing its ‘Hindutva’ agenda by asking participants to chant vedic mantras during the Yoga Day event.

Clearing the air over the controversy, Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu has earlier said that it is not mandatory.

He said it is just a sort of exercise or discipline which unifies the body and the mind and has been accepted even by the International community.


“Entire world observed the International Yoga Day last year. It was a clear acknowledgement of ancient Indian wisdom. Yoga is a sort of exercise or discipline unifying body and mind,” he said.




This year’s International Yoga Day celebrations to be organised by the Department of Ayush will be hosted by Chandigarh, with the Centre deciding to shift the venue from Delhi.

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