Rs.1000 Notes Found Floating In Water Near Gateway of India

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6:43 pm 12 Aug, 2015

It was surely one of the lucky days for the locals in Mumbai and it was accompanied with high drama. On Tuesday afternoon, notes of Rs.1,000 denomination were seen floating in the water making several people jump in to grab them, reports Times of India.

Harichandra Somar, who himself collected many notes from the water, said:

“I saw several notes close to the sea wall. Since it was low tide, I immediately climbed down and picked up two Rs.1,000 notes. I rushed home and handed them to my family. I then made two more rounds and collected three more Rs.1,000 notes. After collecting Rs.5,000 I didn’t return as the water level began rising due to high tide.”


Somar was not the only one. Santosh Pawar, a hawker from Colaba, also rushed to the spot and managed to get hold of only one Rs.1,000 note before the cops detained him. He said:

“I heard someone say that a foreigner threw a bundle of notes into the water and dared passersby to help themselves. When I reached the spot, I saw that several people had climbed into the water and I too did so, but unlike some others I got only one note.”

A Colaba police officer said:

“We detained three people who said they collected Rs.1,000 each from the water. We released them after recording their statements.”


The mystery behind the origin of the cash still remains.

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