13 Things You Should Not Rely On The Internet For Because It Could Be Dangerous

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Updated on 30 Aug, 2018 at 12:24 pm


There are instances where people have relied on the Internet for a self-diagnosis and that is a very, very dangerous thing. Not everything on the internet is authentic. Not everyone online is trustworthy. So we urge you to not rely on the Internet for answers when it comes to serious matters such as your health.

Here’s a list of occasions where merely Googling for answers might just be the last thing you need.

1. Any kind of health related queries or feared symptoms.

Clear every doubt with a trusted practitioner. The terrible mishap in M.P. could have been avoided if the guy had done the same.

2. Remedies, cures and treatment for ailments that internet often claims you to be suffering from.


Most of the times, you may not even be suffering from anything, except fear perhaps.

3. Official information about any country, its demographic profile or such official data.

Actual data is often molded to suit the government’s wishes. Not to mention the control exercised by the ruling parties and people.

4. Prices of hotels and places of interest at tourist spots.

You can easily get better deals and discounts at many hotels in person.

5. Research materials, recent developments and scientific studies.

Although there are innumerable scholarly articles easily accessible online, there’s also no end to faulty and inaccurate info that Googling cannot save you from.

6. Truth about myths, ghost stories or rumors of any kind that exist.

7. Rankings, status, infrastructure and the actual environment of colleges and universities.

No campus is as green and happy as they show in their brochures. And yes, pictures do lie.

Rankings, status, infrastructure and the actual

8. Prospective brides, bridegrooms, friends and partners.

Although many happy couples are out there, for most of the cases there’s good reason why nobody likes them in person.

9. If you want reliable, honest answers to your political questions, don’t look for it online.

Biased posts are much more publicized. Pages and articles that spread propagandas can’t even be distinguished by many.

10. Tastes, cuisines and delicacies of foreign lands. If ever there was anything overrated on the internet, it was this.

Don’t believe it? Then you’ve never tried the world famous ‘Cane Rat’ from China, or the ‘Tuna Eyeball’ from Japan, or just Google ‘Sago Delight’.

11. You can’t determine the actual quality of smartphones, cameras and earphones.

Yet people continue to get fooled by the glittery attractions of the digital world.

12. News updates about rural areas, remote locations and even suburbs.

You will get outdated and incorrect reports as these areas are mostly unrepresented on the internet.

13. True Love – And I’m not even trying to be cute.

There are some things that nothing online can replace or replicate. Trust, friendship, loyalty and love are definitely among them.


Having said all that, the internet has made all our lives substantially easy. But it is not utopia yet. Hence our sincerest appeal to people to verify the ground reality by themselves and to not be slaves to online testaments.

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