20 Things You Realize If You Are Not A Regular Drinker

10:00 am 11 May, 2015


Are you among those who don’t feel like drinking that often, but on any special occasions? Most of us have that friend who wouldn’t drink unless it’s some really special day! So here’s 12 things you would realize if you are not a regular drinker.

1. The taste.

Since you are not a regular drinker, no matter how much you drink, the taste won’t be that great for you.


2. The after effects.


Since you drink once in a while you may not have that capacity and might get high within few shots. You might feel so but the earth spins at its own speed not any faster after you drink.


3. Out of place.

While your friends are busy drinking you might feel out of place sometimes but you eventually get used to it.


4. Can’t relate to the feeling.

You might not relate to the feeling of getting drunk at the very moment. Most probably you wouldn’t even realize you are drunk.


5. The cleaner.

When you are sober and all you friends are high you practically become responsible for cleaning your friend’s puke in the bathroom. You can’t help it no matter how disgusting you feel.


6. The care taker.

You are surely announced the care taker officially.


7. Safe.

Since you aren’t high and are in your complete senses, nobody would dare to take advantage of you.


8. Let’s play the truth game!

You can get to take out the truth from the other person’s mouth. And it is believed that a person generally speaks the truth when he/she is drunk.


9. The audience.

You get to enjoy all the show once your friends are drunk.


10. Lack of knowledge.

Since you don’t have much experience you might end up doing things that you are not supposed to when you are drunk like consuming sweets like ice cream after drinking.


11. The driver.

If your gang plans to go out to drink you are officially declared the driver.


12. Mostly prefer less alcohol content.

Since you haven’t developed a taste for it, you would surely prefer something with lesser alcohol content.


13. You don’t understand the difference between Vodka and whiskey or other types.

Sharab toh sharab hai.


14. Your friends tease you as you don’t have knowledge regarding all this.


15. You never get ‘that’ feeling which your friends always get.


16. After trying it out for a few times you feel like not having it again.

But you end up drinking with friends always. You tell yourself, “This is the last time”


17. You never reach the trippy phase, because you puke before the phase comes.


18. You know the feel of post drinking consequences but you still somewhere don’t know it.


19. Alcohol is like a mission for you.

You know you don’t have the capacity, but you want try every possible drink which will reach you to stars, *literally*!


20. You are crying but still trying, good luck with it!




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