10 Reasons Why Best Relationships Are Those That Don’t Have The Fairy Tale Ending

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6:00 pm 10 Aug, 2015

No, this is not the you-were-cheating-so-we-broke-up type article. This lovable article is a tribute to all the relationships that were meant to last forever until time ended their romance. It doesn’t mean there was no love in the end. There was love. Immense love. But nature had better plans for them and such relationships often redefine the true meaning of love.

Here is why such relationships are so unique and everlasting than committed relationships which are full of comprises and fake promises.

1. The love is eternal.

The definition of love is not just getting romantically involved. It is much more than that. Being happy and wishing the best for your ex is one the truest forms of love. Together forever in our wishes !


2. They taught the world that life is not a fairy tale.

Some things are just not meant to last. Accept that and move on. What’s the worst that could happen? Six months of depression and spending “n” amount money of alcohol. But it’s fine, atleast you are living with the truth, not a lie.


3. There are no feelings of hatred and jealousy when they see each other with their new partners.

Jealousy and hatred are two very powerful emotions that kill your mind like nothing else. And in return these emotions gift us with insane thoughts and four packs of cigarettes every day. So, ask yourself: is it worth it?


4. Mutual respect is always there.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif worked together in “Ek Tha Tiger” even though they had broken-up. This shows how much they still respect each other. Nowdays, even the strong and healthy relationships don’t show such sign of commitment.


5. They will always be friends.

Yes. They didn’t cheat with each other and remained faithful till the last second of their relationship. Inside their hearts, it was always clear that their bond of friendship will always be cemented.


6. They will stand for each other till the end of time.

Caring for each other comes naturally to them. They might  not be 4 AM friends anymore but will stand for each other through thick and thin.



7. Just don’t bitch about their ex, they won’t take your shit.

No cheap talk. “Accha hua break-up kar liya, tera boyfriend ke pass to class he nahi thi”

8. They will try to find the right one for each other.

To reach a happy balance, we need to be able to move from complaining about our partner’s flaws to reframing how we see our partner. And it’s better to make your ex your wingman, as he/she knows your flaws perfectly and will find the right one.


9. They know the true meaning of ‘Letting go’.

It really hurts at first but once the pain is gone you will feel more alive than you have ever felt.


10. And who knows their sad-yet-epic love story will someday become National best-seller and inspire others.

Please don’t go to Chetan Bhagat to write your love-story. I beg you.



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