Over 450 Years Ago, Nostradamus Predicted Modi’s Rule, Believes Kiren Rijiju

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6:31 pm 18 Mar, 2016

Minister of State Kiren Rijiju is convinced that Narendra Modi’s rule was predicted by French seer Nostradamus in 1555.


The Arunachal Pradesh MP, in a facebook post, said: “French prophet Nostradamus wrote that from 2014 to 2026, a man will lead india, whom initially, people will hate but after that people will love him so much that he will be engaged in changing the country’s plight and direction.”

“A middle aged superpower administrator will bring golden age not only in India but on the entire world. Under his leadership India will not only just become the Global Master, but many countries will also come into the shelter of India,” reads what is clearly a forward that the union minister found interesting and shared.


The post was accompanied by an image of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Delhi visit in October and has in it, apart from PM Modi and Ms Merkel, German delegates and Indian ministers, including Mr Rijiju.

Rijiju also showed how the seat share of BJP (2+8+3), NDA (3+3+7), UPA (5+8) and others (1+4+8) all add up to 13. However, we don’t know how he associated the number with the Modi government.


The FB post that has already been shared nearly 2K times.


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