Nose Hair Can Cause Heart Blockage, Claims Rakhi Sawant!

5:33 pm 11 Aug, 2018


The drama queen of Bollywood Rakhi Sawant is known for doing weird stuff and saying controversial things. The actress, model, and socialite is now back with something more interesting and equally strange. At times, Rakhi has given statements which created controversies. The bizarre factor in her claims keeps getting one level up. And this time, Rakhi Sawant has come up with something new and outlandish. This has completely left her fans stunned and confused!

Rakhi Sawant has come up with a new scientific discovery. Let us tell you that this is not a joke Rakhi is talking about, in fact, this is something very serious the actress has found for all of us! Rakhi is talking about how nose hair can cause the blockage of the human heart.



Rakhi Sawant recently shared a video on her Instagram account in which she can be seen talking about how heart blockage is caused. In a very serious mood, Rakhi talks about how the hair inside our nose can reach our heart and cause a blockage.



She then talks about a machine which removes nose hair. Rakhi further demonstrates how the machine works. What she did next must not be tried without an expert’s opinion.




In the video, Rakhi Sawant puts a machine inside her nose and shows how that machine removes the nose hair. She further urges and insists on buying that machine. Check out the video below in which Rakhi can be seen promoting the nose hair removal machine.



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