You Must Watch This Video Of Norwegian Journalist Expressing His Love For Usain Bolt

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5:29 pm 10 Aug, 2016

The world’s greatest sprinter, Usain Bolt, had missed the opening ceremony of Rio Olympics 2016. But, he made it up by participating in a Jamaica team press conference. However, not even in his dreams had he expected this.

At the press conference, a Norwegian journalist Nicolay Ramm expressed his love for Bolt. Yes, that did happen!

He said,”I don’t really have a question. I just want to say I really love you, man.”



Not only that, he broke into a  a rap song for Bolt.

To his surprise, Bolt grooved on the beats and filmed it on his phone.



Later, Ramm admitted that it’s the sickest thing he has done in my entire life. “It could have gone in any direction. When I started I did not know if it would be total failure, but it went the right way,” he said.



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