33 Photos Which Prove That North Korea Is Not As Dangerous A Place As You Think It Is

9:30 am 18 Sep, 2017


Many, especially the West, perceive North Korea as a dangerous country headed by a moody young man. They see the country as all about dictatorship, war, nuclear arsenals, and human rights violations. However, in reality, the country is not exactly like that. The people and life over there are almost as is in the rest of the world. Perhaps, it is not as dangerous or bad as many think it is. Here are some photos of the country captured and posted by Young Pioneer, probably the only official tour group in North Korea.

1. Like other countries or any organization that have their own symbols, North Korea, too, has theirs.

The Party Foundation Monument in Pyongyang. The hammer symbolises for the workers, sickle for the farmers and writing brush for intellectuals.



2. Like other countries, North Korea, too, has high skyscrapers and beautiful buildings.


Beautiful day on Dawn Street in Pyongyang today #northkorea #korea #dprk #pyongyang #youngpioneertours

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3. As in other parts of the world, Disney is super popular in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea as well.


4. Like the rest of the world, North Korea has many important monuments.

Standing over the Reunification Highway, this is a sculptural arch located south of Pyongyang. It was opened in August 2001 to commemorate Korean reunification proposals put forward by Kim Il-sung.


5. More monuments.

This tower was built to commemorate Kim Il-sung’s 70th birthday and is situated on the east bank of the River Taedong.


The Juche Tower on a dark and stormy evening in Pyongyang #northkorea #korea #dprk #pyongyang #youngpioneertours

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6. Like others, people are instructed about traffic rules.


7. The sights on the streets of North Korea is not different from the rest of the world.

A glimpse of the Liberation Street in Pyongyang.


8. North Korea also has immense natural beauty.

Stunning Kuryong Waterfall at Mount Kumgang.


Overlooking Kuryong Waterfall at the incredible Mt. Kumgang #northkorea #korea #dprk #kumgangsan #youngpioneertours

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9. You can grab a cocktail at a cafe on the streets like in other parts of the world.

North Korea has bar styled like a western ones. This one is at the new Snow White Cafe on Mirae street.


10. North Koreans drink, celebrate and live as others do.

Note the Westerners.


Grabbing a pint from a local bar in Pyongyang #northkorea #korea #dprk #pyongyang #youngpioneertours

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11. Children play football as in other parts of the world.


12. You can have fun and enjoy there. Soldiers won’t shoot you for doing goose steps.


13. Even the pensioners have a time and life of their own.



14. The kids there play and have fun like their counterparts in other parts of the world.

Kids throw stones and have fun on the Yalu River bank.



15. People of North Korea travel or commute as others do.


Entering Pyongyang's Metro #northkorea #korea #dprk #pyongyang #metro #youngpioneertours

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16. People from South Korea can travel to North.

One Young Pioneer tourist from South Korea seen posing with a local North Korean guide in front of the Reunification Monument in Pyongyang.


17. North Korean streets are as wide and beautiful. They are in fact better than most countries.


18. Oh, yes, restaurants on rooftops are there as well!




19. North Korea’s train station or routes are not different, too.

Glimpse of the Sinuiju train station on the border of North Korea with China.



20. Not every North Korean is a war mongering maniac.

The copilot of a helicopter flight over Pyongyang taking a group photo of the tourists with the tourist’s polaroid camera.



21. The way North Koreans live and the spirits of the people are not different from the rest of the world.



22. Some monuments are for the military.


One of the many monuments outside the Korean War Museum in Pyongyang #northkorea #korea #dprk #pyongyang #youngpioneertours

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23. Who says there’s no pizza in North Korea?


I think someone's excited for pizza #northkorea #korea #dprk #pyongyang #pizza #youngpioneertours

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24. A wide and clean looking Chongjin square located in the heart of the city in North Hamgyong province.



25. Mesmerising Mount Chilbo in North Hamgyong province.


Mt. Chilbo on a gorgeous day #northkorea #northeast #korea #dprk #youngpioneertours

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26. A glimpse of the first ever Taedonggang Beer Festival in Pyongyang.



27. The popular Ji Ha restaurant which is located under the Kwanbok Department store in Pyongyang.



28. Who says North Koreans don’t speak or learn English?



29. Isn’t the architecture of this hotel amazing?



30. And look at this entrance to the newly renovated Pyongyang Zoo!


Entrance to the newly renovated Pyongyang Zoo.

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31. Oh, there are tall towers like tall towers in other countries.



32. And they do have the latest designs of metro coaches.



33. Pyongyang is a quite but beautiful city.


Pastel Pyongyang / Lego buildings from the top of the Juche tower.

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But, of course, this does not mean that we can tolerate the whims of the Supreme Leader and his nuclear threat. What is important to learn from this article is that people are beautiful and the same everywhere. We must, therefore, strive for peace.