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14 Nonsensical Ideas That India Has Adopted From The West

Updated on 1 September, 2018 at 6:34 pm By

1. Glass buildings

These are more useful in colder climates where they need to let the sunlight in; in hot places like India they have the greenhouse effect and need more energy to power ACs. Not only that, they are more expensive to build.


Building sway

2. Layered clothing

Two- or three-piece suits are again great in colder regions. In a hot country like India, wearing these layers only increases the body heat and makes one uncomfortable. Ties are unnecessary and in the sweltering heat only manage to make the wearers feel like they’re choking.

guy in suit

3. Western toilets

It has been shown to be more healthy and natural to squat to defecate. Sitting with your knees bent only puts unwanted pressure on the rectum. Some doctors have suggested that bowel diseases are also linked with the use of the English toilets.

kid falls down

4. Some reality shows

Due to the vast cultural differences, the Indian versions of certain western shows just don’t hold any weight. Shows like ‘Swayamvar’ and ‘Big Boss’ seem to promote sleaze and stupidity; though shows like ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati?’ have managed to stay relevant.


Jersey Shore

5. Pricey food chains

Some foreign chains that have come to India are ridiculously over-priced and not that better in terms of flavor when compared to local offerings. Yet these gain popularity because of a perceived ‘brand value’.

animated food

6. White skin wins

Let’s face it, this one is highly ingrained in Indians. Indians want to be light-complexioned and most of those who are dark skinned can recount many incidents when they were teased for the color of their skin. Additionally, it’s funny to hear Indians talk of wanting to get a tan.

maxim photoshoot


7. Accented Indian languages

Once educated in English, Indians start speaking their mother tongues with English accents. Then there are the American/British accents that they manage to catch forever despite having been abroad only for a short while or never.

I want to be

8. Food fights

The one thing that seems extremely inconsiderate, in a country where so many live below the poverty line, is the growing disrespect for food. Whether it is smashing cake on people’s faces or having food fights, please seek a better source of entertainment.

drew barrymore

9. Homophobia

Indian scriptures, like the Rigveda, talk about welcoming diversity. Ancient Indian texts show us some examples of transgenders, e.g. Shikhandini, Bhangashvana, Mohini and Yuvanashwa. Still, Indians have adopted Victorian prudery and ignored their own historical scriptures.


10. Earth Hour

In developed nations with regular power supply, not using electricity for an hour is a small acknowledgment of what humans are doing to the planet. However, in a country like India where every day brings with it hours of power-cuts, Earth Hour makes no sense whatsoever.


11. Holidays/Dating

Indians celebrate holidays like Halloween without knowing the reason behind the celebrations; this in a country that already has several holidays. Also, what Indians call dating is what Westerners call “going steady”. When you date, you go out with that person to see if you like each other or not.


12. Cricket

Despite our National Game being Hockey, most Indians go gaga over Cricket. This indulgence for the gentleman’s game is definitely a colonial hangover. If that isn’t enough, now we have IPL cheerleaders, who function more as a distraction than anything else.

cricket fail

13. Vacations for the Court

The judiciary really lucked out when the British left India because till today they get long summer and winter breaks each year. In a country where cases drag on endlessly and the numbers of cases pile up faster than they can be handled, this only adds to the unnecessary delays.

How I Met Your Mother

14. Handshakes

The Indian way of greeting with two palms together and a slight bow is a more hygienic way of greeting someone. The problem with shaking hands with people is that one never knows whether their hands are clean or not.


Ryan Gosling


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