Had A Non-violent Upbringing? Those Really Have Had Are Like This In Their Life

Updated on 2 Sep, 2018 at 9:02 pm


1. You are not afraid to speak out your mind.

Speak ur mind

2. You excel in the work you do.

3. You aren’t violent or abusive towards other people.

4. School is not a traumatic place for you where your grades keep falling.

5. You have no unreasonable fears stopping you from success.

6. Your judgment is not clouded or misguided.

7. You do not suffer from chronic health issues either physical or mental.

8. Your EQ (emotional quotient) is not sitting on the lower rung of the ladder.

9. You do not suffer from any type of social anxiety.

10. You do not exhibit criminal tendencies.

11. You do not jump from one job to another.

12. You have a steady income.

13. You are not highly irritable in face of minor triggers.

14. Mistrust is missing in your relationships.

15. You are not prone to road rage (yes, it includes Indian roads).

16. You do not enjoy bullying others.



17. You are not prone to depression, anxiety or panic attacks.

18. You are not outraged when things do not go your way.

19. You do not break things for apparently silly reasons.

20. You prefer throwing parties rather than temper tantrums.

21. You do not feel worthless or powerless when faced by simple challenges of life.

22. You are not starved for attention, affection and approval.

23. You are not self-injurious.

24. You do not believe that violence is the only effective way to resolve conflicts.

25. You have not succumbed to alcohol or any other substance abuse.

26. You do not accept violence to be a part of intimate relationship.

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