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The Secret Is Out: Nokia Phones Are Popular As Vibrators Among Women

Updated on 12 May, 2017 at 5:12 pm By

The question is not if you remember the time when Nokia phones were still popular but whether you remember those hilarious memes about Nokia’s mighty strong body and earth-shaking vibrations?

Just to refresh your memory, these were some of the most popular meme narratives for Nokia phones.

Apparently, we kept making fun of the vibration for all the wrong reasons. While we naively thought Nokia’s old phones when in jeans’ pocket could break one’s leg, ladies of the country were using for the business between the legs. You guessed it right, a sex toy is implied here!


Let us not be surprised, and think about it from a socio-cultural perspective. In a hyper-patriotic country where patriarchy keeps an extra tight watch over sexual activities of women, sex toys stay only in porn or on unexplored e-com websites.

In a recent survey done by Agents of Ishq, Nokia came up as an obscure winner of the poll which asked women about their preferred means of masturbation. To our surprise, Nokia phone found a number of mentions as women have been widely using it as a vibrator.

A 2016 film, ‘Parched’ celebrated women’s sexuality.  The movie had a comic scene which subtly hinted the audience about pleasure practices performed by women.


A scene from the movie ‘Parched’. Russell Carpenter/Wolfe Releasing

One of the protagonists, surprised at the mobile phone vibration declares her sexual freedom by directing at her mobile phone, referring to it as “Jadoo ki Chadi (magic wand).”

Check out the trailer for the scene here:


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