Salman’s Virgin Status To Last Longer As Iulia Vantur Quashes Rumors Of Their Relationship

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5:40 pm 25 Aug, 2016

If you follow the news at all, chances are that you have heard of Salman Khan’s impending marriage to rumored girlfriend Iulia Vantur. Earlier, it was reported that since Salman’s mother Salma Khan was ailing, she wanted to see her son married soon; gossip mills churned out stories of a farmhouse being readied for the wedding that would take place later this year.

In an interview with Spy magazine, Vantur revealed that she isn’t dating Salman: “No, we’re friends. Friends means friends, not love.” To which she added further confusion by stating, “Everything happens in the best time, not earlier, not later. The rest is speculation.”


Well, that seems to hint they might date in the future but the lady insists that the two are not dating and definitely not planning to get married. A source close to the actor also revealed that Salman Khan has been confused and amused by all the marriage news being reported nowadays. Of the Romanian Vantur, the source said:

“Iulia is not from India. She’s still taking her time to get used to all this attention on her. Initially she would get irritated and angry on all the news stories surrounding her and Salman. But she has finally made her peace with it. She has realised that this is the price she will have to pay for being close to Salman.”

This must be really sad news for Bhai fans since they wait for his marriage as eagerly (or perhaps more) as they wait for their own. With all this interest in Salman Khan’s marital status, it almost looks like his honeymoon night is going to induce some sort of collective orgasm in his fans. However, such thrills are going to have to wait as Salman Khan continues to preserve his virgin status.



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