US Makes It Clear That Sharif-Obama Didn’t Talk About A Civil Nuclear Deal

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6:51 pm 23 Oct, 2015


While India must be irked with Pakistan talking about Kashmir’s Line of Control (LoC) with the US, Washington “categorically ruled out” any kind of negotiations with Pakistan with regards to India-type civil nuclear deal.

After many in American media reported that Pakistan and US have talked about a civil nuclear deal, the White House following the meeting between Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and US President Barak Obama termed the reports as “completely false”.



Soon after Obama-Sharif’s meeting a senior administration official said:

“Let me state categorically, we have not entered into negotiations on 123 Agreement with Pakistan nor are we seeking an exception for Pakistan within the nuclear supplier group in order to facilitate civil nuclear exports.”

While the official spoke on condition of anonymity, he responded to the questions with regards to the reports appearing in the American media that US was considering a civil nuclear deal with Pakistan

“There is no such thing as a nuclear deal which has been reported in the media is some short of a civilian nuclear package alleged to be something like that the US concluded with India 10 years ago. Let me just assure you categorically that the press allegations of a 123 agreement with Pakistan are completely false.”

While US seems to have made it clear that they would not be going into a civilian nuclear cooperation with Pakistan, the leaders of the two countries did discuss on Pakistan’s nuclear safety and security.

The official said that US had a long standing dialogue with Pakistan about its nuclear program, and various developments in this program.

He said that US was concerned about the the safety, security of nuclear weapons and do everything it can to promote strategic stability.

“So we will continue to engage in dialogues like this with Pakistan, So they are very well aware of the terrorist threats including to all aspects of their military installations and its our understanding that they have a dedicated security apparatus that understands the importance of nuclear security,” said the official.