Remember The Little Girl In ‘No Smoking’ Ad You See In Theaters? She Is Now A Talented And Pretty Actress

8:34 pm 22 Nov, 2017


Strange are the times we are living in. It is a time when not just celebrities but even celebrity kids become center of attraction (and discussion) everywhere they go, the courtesy for which goes to social media. Even less-than-a-year old Taimur Khan Pataudi enjoys more limelight than his more famous parents and grandparents. However, today we wish to attract your attention to another kid on the block though not celebrity kid, who has grown up to be an exceptionally charming woman.


Simran made it to the hearts of all Indians through the No Smoking ad, which is still now regularly played at various multiplexes across the country. Jansatta

Remember the ‘No Smoking’ ad that is often played at the multiplexes before the beginning of a movie or during the interval period? In the ad, a little girl is shown enjoying a film with her father, who his father suddenly bursts into bouts of coughs due to his constant smoking.

While the ad has been played at various cinema halls and multiplexes a thousand times over, we simply cannot help but gasp at the cuteness of the little angel. Well, it is the same girl that we are talking about. She is Simran Natekar. While the ad is still being played at the multiplexes since years now, the cherub has grown up to become an exceptionally pretty young lady, and we just cannot have enough of her. Here are few of her photographs:



Not just in the ‘No Smoking’ ad, she has also featured in numerous other ads, including brands such as Dominos, Colgate, Videocon, Clinic Plus, etc.


She was also seen in the television serial ‘Pehredar Piya Ki’, which was debarred from airing due to its seemingly objectionable content.


In fact, if you remember, you have also seen her playing the character of Farida in the film ‘Daawat-e-Ishq’.


That she is a very good and talented actress was proved in the Disney Channel Sitcom ‘The Suite Life of Karan and Kabir’. Boy! people did love the show so much!


In fact, she was seen in quite many sitcoms in the Disney Channel, where her roles were much appreciated by the viewers.


Like all other people of this time, Simran is also hooked on to the social media, which is why we get to see such wonderful images of her every now and then.



Well, going by her photographs, we have to admit Simran is one more exceptionally pretty face on Indian television right now. What do you think of Simran? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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