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In Agra, You Can Land In Jail If You Take Selfie In Front Of A Train

Updated on 11 July, 2016 at 12:55 pm By

Uttar Pradesh’s Government Railway Police (GRP) has banned taking selfie near train. Also, the person, who will be found guilty, can even land in jail.

An order has been circulated to all station officers of GRP Agra division, which stated, “Book individuals if they are found taking selfie near train at platform, in moving train near entrance/exit door or on railway tracks, as this activity is liable to endanger not only their lives, but of others also.”



Deputy superintendent of police for GRP Agra division, Raj Kumar Gautam, said:

“From now on, if anyone is founding taking selfie close to high speed train or railway track, than the act of him/her will be treated as attempt to suicide and he/she will definitely be booked and may even be jailed for endangering their lives and others.”

The individuals will be now booked under IPC section 307 (attempt to suicide) or section 145 in of Railways Act.


The order comes after four people were allegedly killed while taking selfie close to railway track.

Gautam said, “In Mirzapur, two friends (18 & 20) were taking selfie close to railway track when high speed train mowed down the duo. From the same train, a 45-year-old passenger who was watching the duo taking selfie fell under the wheels of train and was killed instantly.”


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He added that in Saharanpur, a class X student was mowed down by train while taking selfie near unmanned railway crossing.



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