No Railway Berths For Kids Travelling On Half-Tickets

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9:51 am 1 Apr, 2016

The Indian Railways, the chariot of the poor and middle class, has decided to charge full fare for children (5-12 years) for seats in reserved class.

From April 21, the new provision will come into effect.



Under the revised rules, children (5-12 years) can no longer enjoy ‘half-ticket’ benefit wherein they pay half the ticket fare for them and get a separate berth.

Now they need to pay full fare if they want an independent berth for their kids.



However, in case full separate berth/seat is not sought, half of the adult fare shall continue to be charged subject to minimum distance for charging. Moreover, the number of half tickets should not exceed the number of tickets for adults in the group.

The decision has evoked a mixed response from the Railway Passengers’ Welfare Association. Some say it will primarily affect middle class families and parents will think twice if they want to take their children with them on a train.


However, some are of opinion that most of the times, children below 10 sleep with either of the parent because of which the berths booked for them remain vacant.


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