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23 Good And Obvious Reasons Why He Is Not Asking You To Marry Him

Updated on 23 August, 2015 at 12:26 am By

Some girls are really crazy over the word ‘marriage’, though some boys also fit this category. You may be in love with someone and the love is blooming year after year, so, there are some things you are excepting to happen – in one word, ‘marriage’. Marriage is the final destination for lovers to walk to. But they are some exceptions too. Here we mention some good and obvious reason why he is not asking you to marry him



1. He wants to build his career and grow professionally.


2. He is just being lazy about marriage.


3. He needs time to convince his family and relatives.


4. He wants to enjoy his bachelorhood.


5. He stills feels drinking with best friends can’t be matched.


6. He fears you might turn into a dominating woman.



7. He is probably afraid of responsibilities.


8. He is afraid to balance between his wife and mother.


9. He is taking this seriously – “Love marriage results in fights”.


10. May be he is waiting for his other siblings to get married.


11. He does not want to become a father so soon.


12. He loves freedom and fears that marriage might end it.


13. Sometimes he is not sure about you being his wife; probably he may like someone else.


14. He is not sure if you will be satisfied with the lifestyle he will offer you after marriage.


15. Because his gang of friends are still single.


16. Possibly, he wants to gift you a home as a security.


17. He wants you to grow to like household chores to impress his parents.


18. This may be his personal demon; he might have witnessed unhappy marriages.


19. You still commit some mistakes that are not expected at your age.


20. You are still not prepared to handle the responsibilities.


21. He may want you to control your anger issues and know to tackle any problem with responsibility.


22. May be you are too demanding, and he is terrified of the words “too much”.


23. He is waiting for you to get down on knees and propose to him!




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