This Man Hasn’t Produced Garbage In 12 Years. Not Even A Piece Of Paper!

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5:47 pm 2 Sep, 2015

Garbage disposal has become one of the main issues, especially in urban cities. But a 60-year-old man in Thane has found a solution to it. And, what’s more? All of us can implement it! It’s easy and simple.

Kaustubh Tamhankar has not produced any trash in the past 12 years. Not even a single piece of waste paper! He fertilises waste at his home.

Inspired by his wife Sharyu’s fondness for cleanliness, he started recycling waste at his home. Tamhankar explained:

“I observed that waste goes from one dustbin to other and then finally to dumping ground, which ultimately produces air pollution after burning. So I thought of organising waste in a manner, that it will not harm the environment.”


Tamhankar started by segregating dry waste and wet waste. His balcony has three bags, one for wet waste, other for dry waste and the last one to collect plastic.

And the recycled plastic waste is used by him for manufacturing and delivering purposes.


Besides that, Tamhankar also sells Avirat Patra (continuous processing equipment) for Rs.900. So, what is this equipment? And, why is this useful?

Tamhankar explains:

“This equipment consists one basket which is attached with triangular shaped filter. At the base level, there’s a small pot which collects fertilised soil. Everyday one has to put waste in the basket, and spray water on it. Kitchen waste needs to be cut into small pieces so the process is completed faster. After 4 weeks, one gets fertilised soil (compost).”


To spread awareness about advantages of recycling, Tamhankar has also written a book. And, the interesting thing is that the book doesn’t have an MRP.

He said that he wants readers to pay the amount they feel like.



Tamhankar is making a big difference to our environment. Let us do our bit too.


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