You May Feel You Are Not Ready For Commitment, But Are You Ready For The Consequences?

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Updated on 17 Apr, 2016 at 2:52 am


The melody of the lost time still repeatedly echoes but that natural aura of love has aged. The phobia of commitment is expanding the void which you guys everyday struggle to fill. The anonymous phase of being together but yet apart is wasting time and bemusing your mind.

So, is the time not right? Or is this never-ending phase a perfect indication that you guys are not meant for each other?

This unsatiated phase exists due to some practical reasons but hopefully, after this hazy period passes by, the answers will bloom the reality of your relationship.

Here are the real reasons why you both are running away from commitment.

The heart is not prepared to take the final leap.

Your heart is still demanding some more time to take the final call. It still seems to be drowning in complications and decoding your true equation with your better half before it yells a complete ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

Why is your heart not really prepared for it?

Because there is still a lot to discover about each other. You may be sheltering in each other’s feelings but you are still unaware about the buried realities that the heart stores.



Commitments don’t happen just like that.

Commitment is a sweet trap that we all want to be part of. Once unconditionally imprisoned in love, you cannot escape it without a mutual break-up. Yeah, break-up sounds lethal and depressing.

So, why fall into this puzzling trap when you feel that your chances of surviving it are 50-50?


To get committed, your every wavelength of love, trust and intimacy should collide perfectly at the same time. Even if one wave of love resonates differently, then an inch of doubt still shakes your belief in each other.



May be you are not afraid to lose each other and are taking things for granted.

You think your love is strongly guarded and no third person can enter it. But you never know, the boundaries of love may slowly fade away into the depths of nothingness if you don’t start taking your bond seriously.

Because feelings don’t always remain the same.

A day might come when you won’t be able to revisit that same old love because time swallowed it. Getting back to the start will be an uphill task because you can remember those days but can those emotions be ignited again?

I doubt it.



Will the phase before commitment ever end?

Yes. You may or may not end up with the right person but will definitely find the right answers. Let this before-commitment phase make you a stronger and wiser person rather than making you a victim of dreadful circumstances.