A Photographer Removed Cell Phones From Photos To Reveal Our Real Addiction

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5:10 pm 13 Oct, 2015


Technology has become such an intrinsic part of our lives. For good or for bad, we have become addicted to it. So addicted that maybe it’s distancing us from things, people and moments that matter.

Here’s an American photographer Eric Pickersgill who compiled portrait shots from everyday life depicting how we are hooked to that thing in our hands. Under his project ”Removed”, Eric achieved the surreal effect in his photos by asking strangers and friends to remain in a position, removing their cellphones, and then taking the shot. 

The photographer was inspired by a chance encounter in a New York cafe.


“Family sitting next to me at Illium café in Troy, NY is so disconnected from one another,” Pickersgill writes in his notes from that day. “Not much talking. Father and two daughters have their own phones out. Mom doesn’t have one or chooses to leave it put away. She stares out the window, sad and alone in the company of her closest family. Dad looks up every so often to announce some obscure piece of info he found online.”

1. Just married?

Oh, must be checking out the likes on their wedding picture!


2. Like mom like daughter

Perfect example of setting an example for your children!

3. Girls just wanna have fun

“Status update: Having fun with girls!”

4. Second Honeymoon?

Not at all like the first one!

5. Love today

We are in this together, baby!

5. Phones can kill you!

What could be more important than your life?

6.  Nice shot

But if it’s reality, watch out for the road!

7. Love dying

There need not be a third person to break up a relationship, 10 million on social media are enough.

8.  There could be a conversation

Had there not been 1,000 friends and followers already.

9. The new badass kids

We’ve got a new way to let the words pass from left to right!

10. Honey, some ‘us’ time!

Let’s bond over a cup of .. WiFi?

11. This is what addiction looks like

You may be anywhere, doing anything, it FOLLOWS!

12. Perfect Sunday!

Family picnic o’er the internet?

13. Some bro time

Those sausages might just burn of your ignorance, err.. the friendship too!

14. Instagram shot

Leave everything. This is worth 876 likes!

15. Playtime

Kids bond like this today!

16. What is this?

A check-in at the graveyard?

17.  Someone is waiting

And he will wait only till he gets that damn thing in his own hand.



Find Eric Pickersgill’s Removed project here.

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