12 Signs Confirming That Your Love Story Will Never Actually Start

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12:00 pm 25 Aug, 2015

“Tere dil mein meri saanson ko panaah mil jaye …  tere ishq mein meri jaan fanaa ho jaye.”

Oops! You are just one of those unlucky ones who never got the heartful chance to say these beautiful lines to a girl. The obvious reason for that is you never took time to look back at your life. Your stupid mindful decisions landed you  in this spot.

Don’t worry much! you have God-sent messenger to change your bad luck. Perhaps after reading this listicle you probably will speak your heart for your loved one. Just unfollow these mistakes listed below..


1. Staring and stalking are not the forms of love, they just label you “desperate”.

Your staring phase almost lasted for a year, which indirectly means you lost 365 days and endless moments to speak your heart. You expected that staring will bring your guys closer, it only silenced your feelings.


2. You are a passionate dreamer, and you were so lost in your dreams that you ignored the real world.

It’s important to dream but forgetting the people around will bring you closer to solitude. Make someone you love a part of your dream, the journey would be breath-taking.


3. Your attitude of why-should-I-make-the-effort will keep a bunch of wannabes around you.

Making a decent approach towards your crush is not a desperate move, it actually proves that you really want to be with them. Your effortless attitude will delay the love which you are hopelessly seek for.


4. To keep your love cells active, don’t miss romcoms serials.

If you are one of those who skipped the final episode of ‘How Met I Your Mother’ to watch Ramdev’s self-invented yoga aasans, then your love life will perfectly match that of Ramdev’s.

God bless you. Sorry! Ramdev will bless you.


5. You are the “Master of rejection”.

She almost went sleepless the night before Valentine’s Day due to anxiety. But when she confessed her mad love.  You, filled with arrogance, refused her proposal. Dumb-ass, you lost her for the first and the last time.


6. You ignore the universally planned signs.

Nature conspired to make you meet her again and again at the same place, hinting that you should make an effort to connect with her. But the signs are just mere accidents for you.


7. Your life’s philosophy is “Every girl is dumb”.

Then I believe you should be born on a planet where there are no women, probably then you realize their importance. Also, calling women “dumb”confirms your height of dumbness.


8. Why should I ask her out?

Fine. You like her and liking a girl from a distance is like keeping your feelings buried under the ground. Dude, ask her out now before your feeling gets cemented and replaced by some another guy.


9. You believe money is the only criteria to have a relationship.

If money was the only factor to have a steady relationship, then only the rich guys would have been committed.


10. Your relationship law – Devdas is the end result of every relationship.

Why don’t you award yourself with the title of “Best astrologer of all time”? You just killed the jobs of love gurus and relationship counselors.

Every relationships has its own pattern and timings. Respect that!

11. You constantly read ‘Page-3’.

The Page-3 is the collection of all divorces and break-ups, but what they don’t tell is the relationships that end on a happy note. Don’t fill your mind with so much negativity, upgrade your maturity.



12. Love is just a time-pass for you.

If you consider love as just ‘a source of enjoyment, then probably your love will not last long. Do take it seriously because once a love is lost, it is lost forever. Feeling’s never come again!


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