Union Minister Narendra Tomar Says BJP Never Promised ‘Acche Din’

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12:53 pm 25 Aug, 2015

It has just been over a year since they got elected but it seems that many of the current BJP leaders are already forgetting what they promised their voters ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. Such is the case that they are now even back tracking on what they had said, even though the ‘words’ were well documented.

It was another ‘foot in mouth’ moment for BJP when the Union Minister of Steel and Mines Narendra Singh Tomar backtracked on one of BJP’s most popular slogans for Lok Sabha elections – ‘Acche Din Anne Wale Hain‘. (Good days are coming.)


Throughout their 2013-2014 election campaigns the BJP had given out the slogan signifying that ‘good days’ were ahead for India, provided that they elect the saffron party for the next government.

While the slogan caught on and BJP did get voted to power, their leaders are not only falling short of their promises, they are even denying the fact that they used this slogan.

Defending the BJP when asked about their promise, Tomar said that BJP never promised ‘Acche Din’ during their Lok Sabha election campaign.

Not only that, he put the blame on the people and said that it was they who had suggested that ‘Acche Din’ will come once Congress was out of power.



Talking to media in Indore, Tomar said:

“During 2014 Lok Sabha elections slogans like ‘Acche din aayenge and Rahul nani ghar jayenge’

While it’s normal for political leaders to forget their promises post elections, it seems the Union Minister is taking it to a whole new level. Well, Tomarji you might have forgotten BJP’s “Acche Din” promise, I am sure your voters still remember this :

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