Nivetha Pethuraj’s Video Urging Parents To Protect Their Kids From Abuse Is Indeed A Reality Check On Society

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2:08 pm 16 Apr, 2018


The Kathua and Unnao rape cases have shaken the country to the core. The security of the women is being questioned yet again. Once again, the government and judiciary are being held accountable. Huge protests are being carried out throughout the country. Among all those raising their voices against the compromises and crime being committed on the security and life of women, including little girls, some celebrities have also voiced their anguish.



One among these is Tollywood actress Nivetha Pethuraj, who gained immense fame with her film ‘Oru Naal Koothu’. Speaking against the sexual harassment of women becoming rampant in India, Nivetha has uploaded a series of videos on Facebook in which she can be seen speaking about the issue at length. In her videos, she has requested the parents to be more responsible and alert towards their children in order to protect them from sexual harassment.


Nivetha Pethuraj. Source


The actress said:

“Vanakkam. A lot of issues are going on right now in our country – of which some of them are beyond our control, and some of them can be controlled by us. One of the issues that we handle is ‘women’s safety’. The reason behind posting this video is that I am pretty sure that the most of the people watching the video – both men and women – would have been victims sexual harassment during their childhood. That includes me too.”

The actress went on to reveal that she too has been a victim of sexual harassment as a child, but at that time, she was too young to understand what had happened or tell her parents about it! Requesting the parents to take action in this respect, she said:

“I know it is going to be very uncomfortable. But sit your kids down and teach them. Start it even when they (kids) are two years old. Tell them about what should not be said and things like bad touch.”




Nivetha Pethuraj then urged all the men to ensure the safety of the women around them. She said:

“To all my men friends out there, I know you do a lot for us, most of you guys. This is a request, please form communities of 8-10 people per street, and take turns every day to monitor what happens on your street. From day to night, night to morning, take turns and do it. If there is something shady happening in your street, you can find it and question it. Please do it for us (women). Inform the people on your street that you are watching out for them. This is a small thing, you can easily give this to us. This is my request to all the men out there.”


Watch her videos below to see all that she said:



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