Pro-India NIT-Srinagar Students Ask HRD Team To Shift Institution, Take Action Against J&K Police

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9:06 pm 6 Apr, 2016


Before a huge gathering of pro-India, non-Kashmiri students, the Ministry of Human Resource and Development (HRD) team visiting the embattled NIT-Srinagar was requested to shift the institution from the current location.


The students placed the following demands before the visiting HRD team members:

  1. Shift NIT campus from Srinagar.
  2. Evacuate the non-Kashmiri students immediately so that they can go to their respective homes.
  3. Take strict action against the J&K police officers who were beating the students mercilessly.
  4. Change DSP Sajjad’s statement which blames non-Kashmiri students for instigating the police action.
  5. Get the tricolour back from the J&K police.
  6. Take action against NIT administrative officers.

Shifting of the campus and complaints against the NIT administration has been a persistent demand of the students.

The students showed the HRD team the brutality of the police in videos captured by some of them.


They also demanded that the media be allowed to enter the campus and record the statements of the pro-India students.

Questioning J&K deputy CM Nirmal Singh’s statement that there was a “mild lathi charge”, the students showed their injuries to the team.

Four of them had broken bones and one was undergoing treatment at the hospital, they told the HRD team.



They alleged that the police lathi charged physically handicapped students as well as girls.

You can watch the students speaking to the HRD team here: