These NIT-Srinagar Students Singing National Anthem Will Make You Proud Of Their Struggle

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Updated on 9 Apr, 2016 at 12:01 am


Despite threats, the NIT-Srinagar students are fighting for the right to hoist the national flag, the integrity of the country and want action against an administration hell bent upon crushing them.

Despite the high-handedness of the J&K police – who took away the tricolour from them and have not yet returned it – the undeterred students did this inside the campus.

(We request you to kindly stand in attention.)



Fearlessly and proudly singing the national anthem, these students now symbolize a nationalistic struggle in their own land where anti-India protests are the norm. While the media is able to air the ‘grievances’ of a handful of anti-nationals in New Delhi, the nation’s capital, they become surprisingly handicapped in covering this oppression of nationalistic non-Kashmiri students.

A word of praise for the CRPF jawans too, whose presence brought a sense of security to the non-Kashmiri students.  They can be seen standing in rapt attention while the students sing.