Non-Kashmiri NIT-Srinagar Students DO NOT Want Anyone To Harm Kashmiri Students

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4:39 pm 8 Apr, 2016

On the night of March 31, they clashed with the local students at NIT-Srinagar, who were raising anti-India slogans, and the very next morning were allegedly beaten by the J&K police. But despite threats, ill-treatment, and living in an atmosphere of fear, the non-Kashmiri students of NIT-Srinagar bear no ill will towards their fellow students from Kashmir.

This Facebook page, which has been constantly updating the world of the plight of the students in NIT-Kashmir, put this up a short while ago.


The post urges people all over India not to act against Kashmiri students studying in other parts of the country in retaliation for what is happening at Srinagar.

This is in stark contrast to the vehement anti-India propaganda of the very people in the centre of the JNU row, their supporters, and the columnists who continued spewing venom against the pro-India voices, and even the armed forces.

This poignant post makes us feel proud of the students at NIT-Srinagar who are fighting a biased administration with their careers on the line. Hope politicians too understand the gravity of the message.



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