Chaos At NIT-Srinagar; Non-Kashmiri Students In State Of Fear After Police Lathi Charge

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Updated on 7 Apr, 2016 at 7:29 pm


Perhaps what is happening at NIT Srinagar can be best described in this tweet by Prabhu Chawla.

Clashes erupted between Kashmiri and non-Kashmiri students on the night of the India vs West Indies semi-final encounter. Jubilant at India’s loss, Kashmiri students started celebrating inside the campus. In reaction, the non-Kashmiri students raised nationalistic slogans.

The clarion calls descended into battle cries. The very next day – Friday, April 1 – non-Kashmiri students took out a march inside the campus and raised the tricolour.

The NIT then issued a notice asking students to vacate the hostels, which was later revoked, and closed the institution. Classes were resumed only on Monday, April 4.


Shuaib Masoodi

Shuaib Masoodi

But the non-Kashmiri students allege that they are living in a state of fear. They allege that they were beaten up by the J&K police when they tried talking to the media.


On Tuesday night the CRPF was deployed in the campus and the newly reformed BJP-PDP coalition government in the state has assured the students of complete security.


But tensions loom on the faces of students at NIT, particularly the non-Kashmiris. When the students tried to leave the campus, it led to a clash with the police. Many students were injured.


The police says that the students pushed a DSP rank officer around, forcing the authorities to respond with a lathi charge.


Deputy CM Nirmal Singh of the BJP says that a team from the Ministry of Human Resource Development will arrive at NIT to take stock of the situation.



But tension prevails in NIT-Srinagar.

Twitterati is not only showing its support for the students who hoisted the tricolour but are questioning the lack of media attention by comparing it to the JNU row.




A Facebook page, Save the Students at NIT Srinagar, shared this video countering Anupam Kher’s appeal for calm.


Anupam Kher: Sir, You ask us not to get provoked ? Have a look at this video, How much more can we bear ? Are we not students ? Would anyone dare to do this in Dehli ? Why is everyone so reluctant to talk about us? Are we devils? that locals want to hurl stones at us ? Even the policemen have been throwing stones at us. #saveNITSrinagar#NITSrinagar

Posted by Save the students of NITSrinagar on Tuesday, 5 April 2016



Another video on the page shows the moment when the lathi charge started, though it is not clear who or what instigated the police reaction.


To all those media houses who are saying that we were the ones who pelted stones and then the police retaliated. Here is the proof that the laathi charge was uncalled-for. We were just protesting peacefully when the police personnel started pushing us and charged onto us with lathisYou come up with any fake news we and will again come up with the proofs of our innocence. #NITSrinagar #SaveTheStudentsOfNITSrinagar

Posted by Save the students of NITSrinagar on Tuesday, 5 April 2016