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Popular South Indian Actress Nisha Noor Died Penniless From AIDS After Becoming A Victim Of Casting Couch

Updated on 17 December, 2018 at 2:27 pm By

Below the glitz and glamour of the film industry, lies the horrible ugly truth of casting couch. Though most people choose to keep mum on the matter, recently a few South Indian actresses were seen raising their voices to call out this derogatory practice.



The protest against casting couch started with Sri Reddy’s stripping video followed by the release of names and chats of those who exploited her under the promise of work. After her bold move, few others too came forward and raised their voices against this open-secret of the industry.



Amidst this, the heart-wrenching story of the South Indian actress Nisha Noor has surfaced again. Nisha too was a victim of casting couch and due to this, she spent the rest of her life in ultimate pain and later died. As per reports, a famous South Indian producer pushed Nisha into casting couch and then prostitution. As a result of this, her image was tarnished and people from the industry refused to work with her. Adding to her misfortune, Nisha later got infected with AIDS and finally succumbed to her disease.

Although there is no evidence to prove this story, it is said that she stopped getting jobs and in her last days didn’t even had the money to meet the basic needs for survival. She lost life’s battle after being found on a road in dying condition.


From Left: Kamal Haasan, Nisha Noor, Rajnikan

From Left: Kamal Haasan, Nisha Noor, Rajnikan



Nisha Noor was popular for her roles in films like “Kalyana Agathigal,” “Iyer the Great,” and “Tik Tik Tik.” She also worked as on-screen romance partner for superstars Kamal Hassan and Rajinikanth. Other than that, she worked with some of the renowned directors like Balachandran, Vishu, and Chandrashekar. However, her career was derailed after the said incident. After that, she vanished from the limelight only to reappear in a pitiful state.

Recently, an image from her last days went viral again. It was taken when she was found outside a Dargah with flies and ants crawling on her body. Rescued by Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam, a Tamil NGO, she was then admitted to a hospital where her disease was diagnosed.


Nisha Noor

Nisha Noor

This tear-jerking image once again brings forth the horrifying results of casting couch on the actors who are often powerless to protect themselves against the atrocities of industry leaders.

What is your stand on the issue of casting couch? Let’s know in the comments below.



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