IB Warns UP Police That Nirbhaya Rapist Might Be In Touch With Islamic Radicals

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4:37 pm 29 Jun, 2016

The Intelligence Bureau (IB) recently issued an alert with regards to the Nirbhaya juvenile convict. They suspect him to be having jihadi links.


Mail Today

File photo of the juvenile convict. Mail Today

The IB also believes that he might be in constant touch with them.

The accused, who is 21 now, was released from Delhi’s juvenile remand home in December 2015 and is now said to be living in Uttar Pradesh.

Looking at the severity of the situation, the IB has advised the Uttar Pradesh authorities to keep a close watch on him and his movements.


IB Times

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The accused had ended his three-year term (maximum imprisonment for a minor) back in December 2015 and there was a lot of hue and cry about his release.

In the past few weeks the intelligence agency has noticed some ‘unusual activity’ around him.

This is not the first time that he has been suspected to have terror links. Before he was released, the IB had pointed out to the fact that he was in close proximity to a Kashmiri inmate at the juvenile home. The inmate was involved in the 2011 Delhi High Court bombing.

While they were in remand home, they even shared a room for over a year.

During this time, the IB believes the Kashmiri cellmate brainwashed him and prompted him to join hands with the jihadis.


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