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Nirav Modi Lives Luxuriously In London, Despite Being On India’s Most Wanted List!

Updated on 12 March, 2019 at 7:23 pm By

Do you remember Nirav Modi, the diamond merchant, jewelry designer, and businessman? Well, how can one forget this name, right! This is the man responsible for what is probably the biggest banking fraud in Indian history. He and his maternal uncle Mehul Choksi are under investigation for fraud to the tune of about Rs 13600 crores. It all started when Nirav with the help of few Punjab National Bank (PNB) officials got his hands on fraudulent Letter of Undertaking (LOUs). He used these LOUs to cheat international branches of Indian banks.


And by the time anyone figured out what was going on, it was too late. Nirav and Mehul had already rung up a loss of Rs 11,000 crores for the Indian bank, PNB. The unearthing of this scam in 2018 led both Nirav and Mehul to escape from India.



And as per a recent report, Nirav Modi seems to be living a gala life in London, UK. Yes, surprising as it may sound, all is well for the Indian diamond fraudster. As per a video posted by The Telegraph, a reporter spotted Modi on the streets of London. Check out the video of Nirav Modi as posted by the Telegraph:




Modi was apparently wearing an ostrich hide jacket, that costs upwards of around Rs. 9 lakh. Not just this, the reports from The Telegraph also suggest that he is currently residing in an apartment worth £8 million in West London. As soon as the news of Nirav Modi living it up in London broke, social media went into a tizzy. This is what some of the reactions went like:



The sad Indian story



After Britishers, Indians are looting India and heading to England



Our enforcement agencies seem completely incompetent



Western democracies for scoundrels



Running the ‘No Comment’ reply to the ground, LOL!



London- the hot asylum for Indian fugitives.



We owe one to The Telegraph



Buying a £ 10k jacket is the real crime here




Turns out, Nirav Modi has applied for asylum in the UK, but nothing has been made official yet. Some reports also suggest that Indian authorities have filed for the extradition of Nirav back to Indian soil, and are awaiting a response. What are your views on the whole matter? Let us know in the comments section below.


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