Bizarre Challenge Makes People Jump In Front Of Vehicles To Create Tik Tok Videos

1:35 pm 26 Nov, 2018


Let me challenge you of making a video. Can you accept the challenge and do it? Yes, of course, you would say. It is fun and it is a trend. Remember KiKi Challenge that took the world by storm and people were seen jumping out of moving vehicles, dance and move along the moving vehicle? It was dangerous but people did not pay any attention to the risk involved. They were only thinking about the popularity, the likes and the thrill. While the KiKi Challenge has since died down, a similar craze, which is even riskier is gripping Kerala’s youth and it is called Nillu Nillu Challenge.

It involves a group of people jumping in front of a speeding vehicle on the road and dance after the vehicle stops. Social media in Kerala have been flooded with Nillu Nillu videos for the past few days.


The videos originally began appearing on Tik Tok, a video broadcasting app. It has been since widely posted on other platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.




Initially, it began as simple thrill video with youths jumping in front of two-wheelers, often driven by their friends who know that they are making a video.



Since its popularity, people have taken it to a whole new dangerous level. There are even videos of youths jumping in front of buses on the road, catching the driver off guard. Many times disaster was averted because the driver applied the breaks on time.



The song Nillu Nillu which literally means ‘stop stop’ is from a 2004 film Rain Rain Come Again, which out of the blue has become so popular on the internet. Watch video.

Even though till now no major mishaps have been reported, the way the challenge is getting popular, it is only a matter of time before it gets out of hand. The Kerala Police posted a video warning youths in the state not to get carried away and risk the lives of themselves and those driving the vehicles.




Whenever a challenge gets viral, people tend to forget the safety guidelines. Jumping at front of a moving vehicle is plain stupid and we hope Kerala police will be successful in putting a stop to this bizarre act. What do you think?

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