Nikola Tesla – The Unsung Hero Of The Scientific Community And Father Of Our Modern Life

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“The man who gave the world light” was born during a lightning storm.

Isn’t it a bad omen? Despite what people think about such omens, instead of darkness he is associated with light.

Tesla’s environmentalist instinct led him to create artificial lightning in his lab.

He wanted to encourage the use of renewable resources as the non-renewable ones were fast depleting.

Artificial lightening

Tesla was not just a laboratory worm but had famous people who wanted to be friends with him.


His famous group of friends include conservationist John Muir, financiers Henry Clay Frick and Thomas Fortune Ryan who admired his hydroelectric power system.

 The man had a good sense of humor too!

According to a story, once after dining with the famous writer Rudyard Kipling, he wrote this in a correspondence to a close friend:

April 1, 1901

My dear Mrs Johnson,

What is the matter with inkspiller Kipling? He actually dared to invite me to dine in an obscure hotel where I would be sure to get hair and cockroaches in the soup.

Yours truly,

N. Tesla

Cup of tea

After Tesla’s death, some of his inventions were classified by the US Government.

Mystery, huh?

Tesla conceived the idea of a smartphone in 1901 but his poor execution skills ditched him.

Much wow!!!

He suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), insomnia and feared germs.


Tesla built a tower to suck electricity out of the air and send it through the earth.

Part of his eco-conservational attitude, eh?

There is a museum by his name which was funded by Matthew Inman, creator of the popular comic ‘The Oatmeal’.

Edison and Tesla were on opposite sides of the “electric-current” generating system but were not enemies.

Edison was involved with direct current whereas Tesla worked on alternating current.

Tesla had a brilliant photographic memory.

Not only was he blessed with creative imagination and scientific expertise, he was also able to memorize books and images quite quickly.

Creative imagination

He is said to have frightened Mark Twain by his high frequency oscillator.

Mark Twain suffered from digestive problems, so he had to run for the gents’ facilities every time he was horrified by the flipping of the oscillator.

Tesla had an aversion towards pearls without any specific reason.

Ladies wearing pearls, STAY AWAY!

Even after his famous contribution to the world, he died a poor man.

That is sad indeed.



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