Now You Too Can Have Night-vision, Just Like A Vampire

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2018 at 6:12 pm


Biohackers have figured out a way to make our eyesight have night-vision capabilities. A compound called Chlorin e6 (or Ce6) that is found in deep sea creatures was used by scientists from Science for the Masses to help transform a man’s eyesight. This compound had been used mostly for cancer treatment research so far, along with some vision problems.

Gabriel Licina, who is a fellow researcher, opted to be the guinea pig for the experiment and was able to see over  50 miles (164 feet) away in the dark.

Gabriel Licina

sciencealert Gabriel Licina

Licina and four control subjects were put in a dark environment where they had to make out the shapes of objects kept 10 feet away, then 20 feet and finally over 50 feet away. Licina got the answers right 100% of the time, while the control subjects got it right about once in three times. The scientists said that the research was cheap because the products are inexpensive.

Licina experienced night vision for hours after the experiment, though his eyes were back to normal by the morning and there were no reported side effects.

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