Brussels ‘Woman In Yellow Jacket’ Nidhi Chaphekar, Recounts Harrowing Experience Of The Blast

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6:07 pm 20 Aug, 2016

Nidhi Chaphekar, the ‘woman in yellow jacket’ who’s picture at Brussels airport went viral in March 2016 recently spoke to new agency ANI and recalled her experience of surviving the twin blasts of Brussels.

Nidhi, who was seen in the picture looking dazed and dishevelled, is a member of Jet Airways cabin crew.


She, in her interview, not only spoke about her experience of surviving the horrible attack but also about her determination and courage to not give up when things were falling apart around her.

On March 22, 2016, two blasts had rocked Brussels airport claiming more than 30 lives in the process.


Nidhi recalls hearing a “loud boom” and feeling as if she was dead”.

She recalled how on reaching level two she and her colleague Amit saw smoke in the air and saw things flying around them like feathers.

They then heard another ‘loud sound’ around 30 seconds later and tried to run only to see ‘a fireball’ which threw them away.




She doesn’t recall falling but only remembers that she was thinking about her kids.

She recalls being unable to breathe and no one coming to their rescue immediately after the blast.

“I thought I have to get out of this place, and tried to drag myself, but I never lost my courage”

In the blast, her left foot was fractured and a metal plate and a mirror piece had pierced it.


She could not walk, but her only priority was to stop the blood loss. She thus asked a lady to help her lie down while she kept her legs on a bench at a height so that the blood flows towards her heart.

She recalls a policeman named Alen, who kept her engaged so she did not fall sleep. Nidhi explained that if someone sleeps in such a condition then everything slows down.

It was only on reaching the hospital, she was told that her face was burnt and had over the months undergone intensive skin graft surgeries to recover from it.


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