18 Famous Indians And Their Lesser-known Nicknames

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12:00 pm 5 Nov, 2015


While you must be aware of some of the most popular and deserving nicknames of many famous Indian personalities, this list has some of the rarer ones:


1. Kapil Dev = Haryana Hurricane

For his amazing matches in Haryana in 1975, Kapil Dev won the title ‘Haryana Hurricane’.



2. Milkha Singh = Flying Singh

Former Indian track and field sprinter, Milkha Singh is known as the ‘Flying Singh’.


3. Dhyan Chand Singh = Magician of Hockey

Dhyan Chand Singh came to be known as the ‘Magician of Hockey’ in India.


4. Raja Ram Mohan Roy = Morning Star of Indian Renaissance

Founder of Brahmo Samaj Movement in 1828, Raja Ram Mohan Roy is known as the ‘Morning Star of Indian Renaissance’.


5. Sourav Ganguly = Prince of Kolkata

Affectionately known as ‘Dada’, Sourav Ganguly has been one of the best trio batsmen since 1995 and since then has been known as ‘Prince of Kolkata’.


6. Lal Bahadur Shastri = Man of Peace

The man of peace and courage, Lal Bahadur Shastri earned the title ‘Man of Peace’.


7. Bal Gangadhar Tilak = Lokmanya

Bal Gangadhar Tilak is also known as ‘Lokmanya’ due to his immense popularity.


8. Rajinder Singh = The Sparrow

Awarded with two Mahavir Chakras for his outstanding role during te Indo-Pakistan war in 1947, and for outstanding leadership during the capture of Jhangar, Rajinder Singh came to be known as “The Sparrow”.


9. Tipu Sultan = Tiger of the East

The eldest son of Sultan Hyder Ali of Mysore, Tipu Sultan was known as the ‘Sher-e-Mysore’ (Tiger of Mysore) or ‘Sher-e-Hind’ (Tiger of India) and ‘Sher-e-Mashriq’ (Tiger of the East).


10. PT Usha = Payyoli Express

Often called ‘Queen of Indian Track’, athletic PT Usha is also known as the ‘Payyoli Express’ due to her awesome speed on the tracks.


11. Gautama Buddha = Light of Asia

Spiritual leader and teacher, Gautama Buddha or Siddharth Gautama was named ‘Light of Asia’ due to his considerable contribution to development of society.


12. Rajendra Prasad = Ajatshatru

The gentleman of Indian politics, Rajendra Prasad was named ‘Ajatshatru’ because he had no enemies and still conquered the world with his great and fundamental politics.


13. Lata Mangeshkar = Swar Kokila

Due to her melodious and harmonious voice, famous singer Lata Mangeshkar is known as the ‘Swar Kokila’.


14. Tushar Kanti Ghosh = Grand Old Man of Indian Journalism

A prominent author and journalist who penned several novels and short stories, Tushar acquired the name ‘Grand Old Man of Indian Journalism’.


15. Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati = Martin Luther of India

Profound scholar of Vedic lore and the founder of Arya Samaj, Dayanand Saraswati restored Hinduism through his preaching and wisdom. He, therefore, acquired the name “Martin Luther of India”.


16. Samudragupta = Napoleon of India

The second ruler of the Gupta dynasty who ushered in the golden age in India, Samudragupta came to be known as ‘Napoleon of India’ due to his contribution towards consolidation.


17. Amir Khusro = Parrot of India

One of the iconic figures in the cultural history of India with all manner of inventions and inspiration in his works, Amir Khusro came to be known as ‘Parrot of India’.


18. Shah Jahan = Prince of Builders

Because of the fact that he built many beautiful monuments and buildings, Shah Jahan came to be popularly known as ‘Prince of Builders’.



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