First A Nip Slip Then A Costume Rip, Nicki Minaj Suffers Two Wardrobe Malfunctions In A Week!

9:10 am 9 Sep, 2018


Looks like American rapper-singer Nicki Minaj is having a bad time. It was during the New York Fashion Week party when Cardi B apparently tried to get physical with the rapper. Reportedly, Nicki was sitting at her table when Cardi approached her aggressively and uttered ‘Let me tell you something’ and threw her shoes at her. Cardi was later escorted out of the building. Not only this, she even suffered a wardrobe malfunction during the Fashion Media Awards.

It was when Nicki started making the rounds that her dress popped open from behind. She was covered by her team who quickly stitched the dress and came for her rescue.



Some days back too, Nicki Minaj’s worst nightmare came true when she suffered a major wardrobe malfunction at the Made In America Festival in Philadelphia. Nicki suffered a nip slip all of a sudden and tried her best to cover it up.



Minaj was wearing a belted mini top and an underwear on the stage. During her performance, the dress somehow got un-adjusted and revealed her chest.

Though she quickly moved her orange colored hair in front and tried to hide the sticker nipple covers through her hand. She managed to fix her outfit back in a matter of seconds.




She went on to perform some of her hit numbers without even paying any heed to what she survived. She also sung songs like ‘Moment 4 Life and ‘Majesty’.



Watch the video here! Well, this was not the first time she suffered a wardrobe malfunction during a performance.


During the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards too, her outfit ripped open while she was performing on stage with Ariana Grande and Jessie J. However, she managed to continue her song and didn’t let it interrupt the mashup.



Looks like Nicki is having a tough time with her outfits and designers who style her for various events.