Nia Sharma Gives A Brutal Reply To People Who Trolled Her For Applying Dark Blue Lip Color

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12:43 pm 31 Oct, 2017


Among the 50 sexiest Asian women, Nia Sharma’s sexiness helped her grab the third position surpassing many popular names. The ‘Jamai Raja’ actress has time and again proved herself to be one of the most daring T.V. personalities by trying a variety of fashion trends. Nia’s daring outfits and photoshoots has many a time got her in trouble. Social media has given a lot of power to people for expressing their views and this has given birth to slamming and trolling. Many celebrities have become a victim of these trolls and Nia tops this list as well.

Earlier, Nia was attacked with slut-shaming trolls for sharing a video of her sexy dance moves. From non-sanskari to a slut, Nia was given all kinds of names shamelessly. People posted vulgar comments on her Instagram posts but this didn’t affect Nia at all. Instead the fearless woman come back with another video and gave a powerful reply to all the trolls.

In her bang on reply to trollers, Nia wrote,

Oops! Here’s one more from the photoshoot!! Ready to slut-shame a girl again? Go aheadddddd… I’ll post five more…Coz that’s exactly I got this shoot done.!! And that’s exactly how I’ll post pictures from the same!
I appreciate everyone who took out time from their absolutely worthless lives to write filthy long comments on my previous video.! I got u job again! ✌️

Looks like people still haven’t understood that Nia is not the kind whom these trolls will ever affect. Like always, Nia again tried something new for a Halloween Party. She paired her white dress with a dark blur lip color. The lip color soon started a buzz on the internet and many again started trolling the actress.


This is the picture that got Nia trolled,


And here’s how people trolled Nia for no reason,











However, this didn’t affect Nia at all. The actress instead came out with a bang-on reply. Posting another picture of her Halloween look, here’s what Nia wrote,



Nia has proved that ignoring such people is never an option, but coming out and saying what you like on their face is.

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