NHRC Report Says Threat To Hindu Women From Muslims One Of The Reasons For Kairana Exodus

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1:00 pm 22 Sep, 2016

Yes, BJP MP Hukum Singh was right. There has been an exodus of 250 families from Kairana in Shamli, Uttar Pradesh. The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) confirmed the same in a report published on their official website.

The NHRC report states that the families left Kairana because of the growing fear of the members of the Muslim community, numbers of whom dominate the area.

Point 12 of the report disturbingly states:

“At least 24 witnesses stated that the youths of the specific majority community (Muslims) in Kairana town pass lewd/taunting remarks against the females of the specific minority community in Kairana town. Due to this, females of the specific minority community (Hindus) in Kairana town avoid going outside frequently. However, they could not gather courage to report the matter to the police for the legal action.”

But threat to Hindu women is one of the reasons why the families left the area. Another reason is Mukim Kala, a dreaded gangster who “committed at least 47 cases of Robbery/Murder/ Dacoity/Extortion/Violation of Arms Act during the span of just 05 years from 2010 to 2015”.

The NHRC report mentions clearly that the Hindus were under threat from members of the Muslim community.

Point 19 of the report states that deterioration of law and order is one of the biggest reasons why many families migrated.


NHRC investigators found that the situation in Kairana deteriorated following the Muzaffarnagr riots in 2013.

The report says that around 25-30 thousand members of Muslim community resettled in Kairana changing the demography of the town.

Witnesses told the NHRC team that this change in demography altered the social situation and led to deterioration of law and order.

The four-member NHRC team included deputy SP Ravi Singh and inspectors Suman Kumari, Saroj Tiwari and Arun Kumar.

The team was constituted on a complaint filed by Supreme Court lawyer Monika Arora.

Kairana’s massive exodus of families had shaken the country in June when BJP MP Hukum Singh brought the issue to the fore. Hukum Singh later said that there was no communal angle but a law and order problem.


BJP MP Hukum Singh, who first raised the Kairana exodus issue.  IBN-Live

BJP MP Hukum Singh, who first raised the Kairana exodus issue. IBN-Live

That there had been a deterioration of law and order was accepted even by a panel of Hindu seers constituted by the state government led by Samajwadi Party.


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